Proton technology is a pro – national project

The cancer treatment technology in the Kingdom is entering a new phase with the signing of the contract for the establishment of the Saudi Particle Therapy Center in King Fahad Medical City. The patients will benefit from the latest technology in cancer treatment, in a manner that ensures their ease of treatment and recovery. For the high cost of receiving this treatment abroad.

This center is one of the largest projects in the health sector in an experience that has established a unique partnership between the public and private sectors. For more lighting, Khalid Al-Megayel is the CEO of the Saudi Center for Particle Therapy. Holding.

* Mr. Khalid, about the Saudi Center for Particle Therapy, which you signed in King Fahad Medical City, tell us how the idea started and what is your orientation?

A new portal for cancer patients

The beginning of the project was the transfer of cancer treatment technology Proton technology from Germany in cooperation with a German company was signed with the position of the Ministry of Health in the city of Jeddah in the last 1430 AH and the elevation of the High Commissioner for the license of the project, we responded by agreeing to transfer technology to Saudi Arabia.
His Excellency Dr. Abdullah Al-Amro, Executive Director-General of King Fahad Medical City and his associate team, was the greatest thanks to Allah Almighty for completing the steps of the project.

* After the transfer of technology .. Private sector investment and partnership with government agencies How do you see this trend and is it purely investment or human? Are foreign investments treated?

The latest therapeutic technology joins the services of King Fahad Medical City

This project can not be defined as an investment from the private sector. It is considered a partnership with the Ministry and with the State due to the project’s advantage. The state of the technology transferred to the Kingdom. The State represented by the Ministry of Health. Our proposal for implementation of the project within King Fahad Medical City was coordinated with Dr. Abdullah Al-Amro. A piece of land for the construction of this project, and thanks to God and then the Government’s support to the health sector, our project has become part of the medical city project represented by the expansion of several centers and projects belonging to them.
20% of patients requiring radiation therapy can be successfully treated with proton therapy

I consider it a health investment in the first place, the technology transferred to help with the system of proton and particles, you are talking about an investment side we are honored to transfer technology for the benefit of patients in the Kingdom to get this advanced treatment and developed, is a national investment and this is the first partnership between the private sector and government, Thank God I see him a successful project by all standards and God willing will serve the homeland, and as stated by the Minister of Health is a draft homeland.

The idea of ​​transferring and settling technology .. Was there a project you saw? Or transferred to you from a certain destination? How did the idea reach and then turn to investing in it?

At first a German company offered us the project, and was studied in detail and accuracy and was presented to consultants in the ministry and the city to see the usefulness, all authorized this project and welcomed the transfer to the Kingdom.

Center for the training of radiologists and physicists of radiation therapy on proton technology

Why was it in King Fahad Medical City specifically?

King Fahad Medical City was chosen as an integrated medical system representing the Ministry of Health in this decade and did not come by coincidence but rather from studying and thinking in order to benefit from the city’s services in the field of particle therapy.

* Tell us about the Saudi Center for the treatment of particles.

The Saudi Particle Therapy Center is the first cancer treatment center in the Middle East and represents a quantum leap in the treatment of tumors and is the most modern technology in the world.
The center consists of the cyclotron (proton accelerator), the proton beam transmission line to the treatment units and five units of the treatment of the gantries, including the eye tumor unit and the unit for the treatment of head and neck tumors and three other units for the treatment of various types of tumors as well as the patients’ treatment rooms.

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