Patient’s Transfer

Saudi Proton Therapy Center is distinctive with its effective and fast care services.

The Saudi Proton Therapy Center is responsible to provide any information required by the patient to guarantee the continuity of care. We are responsible to provide the medical care and support throughout the treatment period 24/7 through our counterpart in KFMC radiation oncology department.
If the patient requires transfer to any other medical facility, it’s the duty of our team to facilitate and coordinate this process.
Saudi Proton Center does not provide inpatient services.

How Patient's are transferred?

  The transfer process is coordinated through a single point of contact in the center.
  The center receives cases that are transferred directly or through referrals from the Higher Medical Authority.
  The doctors are consulted with each other to study the status of the patient who will be transferred to the center.
  Facilitate the access of the medical team inside and outside the center to the patient's information.
 Complete all necessary procedures in terms of medical records, medical decision, insurance papers and others.

What are the Needed Information about the Patient?

To complete the patient's treatment at the center, the following information must be provided:
 Name of the patient, description and diagnosis of the case, and the reason for the transfer
 Sending the name of the hospital where the patient is treated.
Send the name of the doctor responsible for the patient and his contact number
 The patient's health status.
After obtaining the required information, our center team will complete the required transfer procedures, prepare a special medical record for the patient at the center, and coordinate with the doctors to hold a consultation session to discuss the patient's condition and treatment requirements.

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