Treatment with Proton

Saudi Proton Therapy Center will use a high precision proton ray which is consisted of protons including many particles that have positive charge

The History of Proton therapy

Physicist Robert Wilson thought of using proton instead of traditional photon (X-Ray) around 1946 hoping to minimize the bad side effect of radiation that which may insult healthy organs. The research work developed gradually till Wilson developed the 1st a research accelerator at Harvard University. It took very long time to make this technology available to treat patients because of heavy financial burden to build and operate such mega device. Proton Therapy gained the acceptance from radiation oncologist after the publications of thousands of peer reviewed scientific researches and it became one of the main modalities in treating cancer at many countries were hundred thousands of patients were treated with perfect treatment outcomes.

The Used Techniques

The Saudi Proton Therapy Center is divided into 4 major operational units:

1. Totally automated patients treatment rooms
2. Complete Rotating Gantry in all direction around the patient. That minimizing the need to reposition the patient. .
3. Proton Beam transportation system that focuses and shapes the beam and guides it to the treatment room,
4. Cyclotron which is superconducting device uses electromagnetic waves to accelerate proton beams.


What are the diseases that are treated using Proton technique?

Proton radiotherapy in principles could treat any type of cancer responding to radiotherapy but it was limited to certain indication if it’s possible to treat the same cancer with another less expensive modality while the side effect is similar.
Scientific studies have demonstrated that in certain types of cancer the side effect of radiotherapy is unacceptable because of the undesired effect on the normal tissues around the cancer spot such as tumors of children, eyes, brain, prostate and any tumors near organs sensitive to radiation where they found that Proton therapy has an unmatched benefit.

Is Proton therapy used worldwide?
What are the advantages of treatment using proton technology?

Proton therapy is limited to damage the healthy organs located within the beam of treatment in front of the tumor area, as well as it is limited to damage the organs behind or next to it. The protons also stop within the tumor, producing a high dose of treatment only in the tumor area. Based on the above, it is possible to give the patient high doses without affecting the organs surrounding the tumor area, which causes the increase of recovery rate. The studies have proven that there is a correlation between the given dose and the possibility of its control.

Treated Cases

Proton therapy is useful for cancer patients in its early stages, and it is also effective in the treatment of tumors near sensitive organs.
Radiation oncologist (physician specialized in treating cancer by radiation) will advise the patient and his/her family about the best modality to be used.
In general proton technology: is useful in treating the following types of cancer:

  Child Cancer
  Eye Cancer
  Head and Neck Cancer
  Brain Cancer
  Prostate Cancer
  Spinal Cancer

The Status during Treatment

The First Stage: Preparation

Before attending the first consultation session, the patient must submit all the medical documents and images to evaluate the medical condition of the patients and the suitability of treatment to the disease. After reviewing the case, the patient will be contacted to determine the date of the first appointment.
Our trained coordinators will take care of this process.

The Second Stage: Get a Consultation
The Third Stage: Start Treatment
The Fourth Stage: Follow Up

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